Victory! Research Assistants gain rights to unionize!

March 27, 2017


Research Assistants at Queen’s University gain rights to unionize

Kingston – The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Local 901 is pleased to announce that effective February 16, 2017, Research Assistants at Queen’s University are joining PSAC following an overwhelming vote in favour of union representation.

Almost 600 Research Assistants cast their ballots for union certification on April 30, 2014; however, following an order from the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB), the ballot box remained sealed to determine the eligibility of individuals to join the union.

After two years of OLRB hearings, including statements written by Research Assistants describing their work, the OLRB ruled that Research Assistants have the democratic right to unionize and can therefore join PSAC. On February 16, 2017, the OLRB certified PSAC to represent this group of employees in a bargaining unit the OLRB describes as:

“all registered graduate students who are employed by Queen’s University, in the City Kingston, as Research Assistants, save and except supervisors and persons above rank of supervisor, employees for whom a trade union held bargaining rights on April 23, 2014, persons who hold appointments to the Academic of the University as defined by the University’s Statement on Adjunct Academic Staff and Academic Assistants, persons who hold appointments to General Support of the University, full voting members of Board of Trustees, and members of the legal or medical profession employed in their professional capacity.”

“Our Local is very pleased about the Ontario Labour Board’s decision,” states PSAC Local 901 President, Craig Berggold. “Research Assistants at Queen’s University will now be able to have a say in their working conditions and the collective power of joining our union.”

PSAC Local 901 is encouraging all Research Assistants to contact the Local to get more information about their union.

Media Release attached:

PSAC 901 RA campaign Media Release March 27 2017

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