Unit 1 Bargaining Committee

Unit 1 Bargaining Committee for 2021 was struck at our Special General Meeting on December 11th, 2020. The following members were elected to represent Unit 1 members and facilitate the Bargaining process:

  • Justyna Szewczyk, Teaching Assistant [Department of History]
  • Robert Foreman, [Department of Industrial Relations]
  • Astrid Hobill, Teaching Assistant [Department of Art History]
  • Raphaelle Walsh-Beauchamp, Teaching Assistant [Department of Classics]
  • Craig Berggold, Research Assistant [Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies]
  • Doug Yearwood,  Teaching Fellow [Department of Political Studies]
  • Brittainy Bonnis, Research Assistant [Cultural Studies Graduate Program]
  • Ethan Mitchell, Teaching Assistant [Department of Global Development Studies]According to our bylaws the following members also also a part of the Committee:
  • Prerna Subramanian, Equity Officer of 901 and Teaching Assistant, [Department of Film and Media]
  • Rohit Revi, President of 901, Research Assistant and Teaching Fellow [Center for Neuroscience/Department of Film & Media]
  • Canan Sahin, Chief Steward of 901 and Teaching Assistant [Department of Political Studies]
  • Harshavardhan Thyagarajan, Chief Steward of 901 and Teaching Assistant [Department of Biosciences]

The Bargaining Committee meets every Friday at 1 PM. All members are welcome to join this meeting and may do so by letting their interest known to Brittainy Bonnis at [email protected]