UHIP Rebate for International Members

UHIP Rebate for International Members

The UHIP program for migrant members/international students at the University is not only an insufficient health coverage program, but it is also quite expensive. These are the few issues that can pose financial hardships for international students:

  1. International students with dependents.‘Dependents’ may include a partner or spouse and/or children may have to seek other ways of covering expenses for their dependents.

  2. International students billed more than the 125% coverage by their healthcare provider pay out of pocket.

  3. International students who had to access services of a provider outside of the Preferred Provider Network (who do not accept UHIP) for some emergencies have to pay out of pocket.

  4. Sending medical records to insurance company that UHIP does not pay for is also an impediment.

Currently, the annual out-of-pocket UHIP expenses for migrant members/international students are at 720 CAD. Since this is an annual expense, and one that is a precondition to be able to work at the University, the Employer must offer an annual UHIP refund to our migrant members/international students to eliminate this inequitable barrier. While it is not possible for the local to currently cover this amount for all migrant members/international students, and we maintain that this should actually be the duty of the employer, it is recommended that we cover UP TO 200 CAD to offset some of the immediate financial hardship that accompanies this inequitable and insufficient system, for this year.

Bursary Value: Members can claim a rebate up to 200 CAD each.

Eligibility Criteria: International students who are members of Unit 1 (Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellow or Research Assistants)

Application requirement: UHIP Enrolment Slip or a copy of your student fee statement indicating payment of UHIP fees.

Application deadline: Claims can be made only once this academic year. Rolling basis until funds are exhausted.

Application form: Form can be accessed here!