PSAC asks their members to participate in The Equal Pay Day Rally


Equal Pay Day Rally Draws Attention to Gender Wage Gap

Kingston, Ontario – April 11, 2017 (10:00am – 2:00pm)

Join us in front of Stauffer Library on the corner of University Avenue and Union Street, from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Tuesday April 11th as we draw attention to the Gender Wage Gap.

In Ontario, the average hourly wage earned by women is 87.4% of that earned by men1. This wage gap is considerably worse for traditionally disadvantaged groups.  For example, aboriginal women earn only 64% of that earned by non-aboriginal men2, and women with disabilities earn only 52% of that earned by men without disabilities3.

More information about the Gender Wage Gap in Ontario can be found on the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition website (

There will be free doughnut-holes (for the women) and doughnuts (for the men), along with buttons to show your solidarity with women and other disadvantaged groups in relation to the Wage Gap.  Everyone is encouraged to wear red, because the Wage Gap keeps women ‘in the red’.  Federal NDP leadership candidate, Charlie Angus will be on location from 10:30am-11:30am.  Kingston and the Islands MPP Sophie Kiwala was invited to attend.

The Equal Pay Day Rally is being organized/sponsored by a collection of groups on Queen’s University campus, including: PSAC 901, Queen’s University Equity Office, Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA), USW 2010, Alma Mater Society (AMS).

1 Ontario Ministry of Labour using Statistics Canada CANSIM Table #282-0072

2 National Household Survey, 2011, average employment incomes, full-time-full-year workers

3 Canadian Survey on Disability, 2012, CANSIM table 115-0023, average employment income


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