Hardship Bursary


  • Hardship Bursary for Equity Seeking Groups


Recognizing that members belonging to equity seeking groups face various hardships at the workplace, and that the employer can do more to create an equitable work environment, your union has created a bursary to alleviate some of the hardships faced by members who identify as women, LGTBQ2S+, Indigenous, racially visible or having disability. This includes any and all hardship expenses borne by members that create employment barriers for them, such as (but not limited to) repair and maintenance of accessibility equipment(s) for members with disability, expenses borne for status Renewal upon SIN expiry (work/study permits, visa extensions, etc) by migrant and/or international student union members, or any other such. Note that these examples are only for illustration, and if you have faced any financial burdens this year, you can be eligible for the bursary. Contact our equity officer at [email protected] to know more. We seek to learn about the specific hardships equity-seeking members of our union.

Bursary Value: upto $400 dollars to an applicant.

Eligibility criteria: 

  1. Be a graduate union member (Unit 1 and Unit 2 both) who are considered as equity-seeking members. This includes: women, LGTBQ2S+ community members, Indigenous persons, racially visible community members or community members with disability.

  2. Have an immediate and/or demonstrable financial hardship. 

Application requirement: An itemized list of expenses.

Application Deadline:  The applications will be received and reviewed by the Bursary Administration Committee on a rolling basis through the year, until the funds are fully allocated.

Application Form: Form can be accessed here!