The Grievance Committee has the important task of making sure the Employer complies with the Collective Agreements on both a personal and systemic level. Getting involved with this committee means assisting your colleagues with their issues under strict confidence. To be part of it, email a Co-Chief Steward at [email protected]

More details, from section 7.2.1 of the Bylaws: the The Grievance Committee shall:

(1) be composed of: the two Co-Chief Stewards, one of whom shall Chair the Committee; the President (or President’s delegate); the Equity Officer; and at least four other members of the Local, preferably stewards from various disciplinary backgrounds;

(2) be responsible for ensuring that the Employer complies with each Composite Local’s Collective Agreement;

(3) advise and assist the Co-Chief Stewards in matters involving grievance policy;

(4) make recommendations to the Executive regarding arbitration of grievances and/or continued carriage of grievances;

(5) meet at least twice per year, in order to holding further meetings as deemed necessary by the Chair;

(6) discuss grievance-related matters in camera. Where appropriate, the Grievance Committee may request the participation of others, such as appropriate Local staff, legal counsel; witnesses, etc;

(7) hold in strict confidence all information pertaining to any complaint or grievance.