Gender Affirmation Bursary

PSAC 901 is offering 3 new bursaries for this academic year 2020-21, in addition to our childcare bursary. These Bursaries are designed to support members through these difficult times, and to take forward our movement towards employment equity at Queen’s! These bursaries, as requested and approved by our members at our previous General Meetings, are available as of today!

Gender Affirmation Support Bursary

Eligibility: For 901 members (Unit 1 and Unit 2 both) who self-identify as two spirit, trans, nonbinary. The local understands ‘trans’ to be a broad and inclusive term that includes genderqueer, transgender, transsexual, and gender variant among others.

What is covered: This bursary will support members in any and all of their expenses that are not covered by OHIP/UHIP (or their personal healthcare plans), and hopes to eliminate the employment barriers faced by members who identify as trans/2S/non-binary. The financial costs associated with gender affirmation cannot be tied down to a simplistic list. Thus, the Union holds an open definition of what constitutes gender affirmation.  There is no predetermined list of eligible or ineligible expenses for reimbursement through this Gender Affirming Fund. The only requirement is that the cost(s) for which you are seeking reimbursement  be associated with the processes of gender affirmation, which will remain expansive. We have included some examples for your information below, but again, we wish to emphasize that this list is by no means exhaustive. If you are a Two Spirit, trans, or nonbinary Unit 1 or Unit 2 member and wish to seek reimbursement for an expense that is not listed below but was nonetheless incurred as a means of affirming your gender identity, we would still strongly encourage you to submit an application.

Some examples of eligible expenses that can be covered include:

  • Medical procedures, pharmaceuticals, and therapies associated with gender affirmation, especially those not sufficiently covered under the member’s existing health and public insurance plan(s). For example: gender-affirming surgeries, hormone replacement therapy (H.R.T.) prescriptions, fertility treatments, resilience
    therapy/gender counselling, voice/speech therapy, laser/other forms of hair removal.
  • For Two Spirit members, this might also include supports accessed through community Elders and traditional medicines (e.g. participation in Two Spirit gatherings, and related travel costs).
  • Administrative costs associated with changing one’s legal name and/or listed gender marker through the required government channels, and reissuing any official documentation/forms of identification to reflect said change(s). Examples of documentation for re-issue may include, but are not exclusive to: passports, health cards, driver’s licenses, debit and credit cards, academic documents (diplomas, transcripts, awards, etc.)
  • Costs incurred as a result of transmisogynistic trauma: moving expenses, travel, legal funds and advice
  • Employment loss caused by any and all of the above

Maximum Pay-Out: 
upto $2000 to each application until the funds are fully allocated.

Application Deadline: On a rolling Basis until funds are exhausted.

Application Form: Click here!