Childcare Bursary


The Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 901 Childcare Bursary

Eligibility, Conditions and Application Form 

The PSAC 901 childcare bursary is intended to offset members’ childcare expenses incurred while they are working.


  • The childcare bursary is open to PSAC Local 901 members regardless of their gender, marital or immigration status.
  • The bursary provides reimbursement for expenses already paid during the semester you are applying for. It does not cover future expenses.
  • The bursary reimburses childcare expenses incurred for the semester in which you were employed on a contract with Queen’s University, as a Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellow or Postdoctoral Scholar.
  • Eligible childcare expenses may include daycare, before and after-school care, babysitting, summer camps or programs, and activities such as music or dance lessons, and sports programs. Eligible childcare expenses do not include care provided by family members or friends.  Eligible childcare expenses are not restricted to Canada.
  • Dependent children for whom childcare expenses are being submitted, must be under the age of 12 years; under 18 years if the child has special needs.
  • The fund amount is limited and bursary grants, if provided, will likely only reimburse a portion of the childcare expenses submitted.
  • Eligible applicants with financial need will be given priority.

Fund information

PSAC, Local 901 allocates $20,000 per annum for the Childcare Bursary, funded equally by Unit 1 (TAs and TFs) and Unit 2 (Postdoctoral Scholars) membership. The maximum bursary grant is $500 per semester per member.


There are three application cycles and deadlines each year:

Applications will not be accepted after midnight on the cut-off date.

 How to apply

  • Applicants must fill out the PSAC local 901 Childcare Application form and submit it to PSAC local 901 (by email or in person) by the posted cut-off date.
  • Applicants must provide information about any other subsidies or bursaries received during the applicable semester.
  • Applicants must disclose family income during the applicable semester.
  • PSAC local 901 reserves the right to request verification for all claims made on the application form.
  • PSAC local 901 assumes no responsibility for the quality of the childcare funded by this bursary.
  • Applications must include all requested information. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Submitting your completed form and supporting material

By email: Please email your completed application and scanned receipts, as a single PDF, to [email protected] *Stauffer Library has a scanner that you can use free of charge.

In person: Please submit your completed application and documentation to the PSAC local 901 office (Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 547) during office hours as posted on the website.

The confidentiality of all of the provided information is assured.

Application review process

 The PSAC 901 Social Justice Committee, with assistance of the Childcare Committee (a sub-committee designated with this task) and the Local’s Administrative Staff Member, adjudicates the applications and notifies applicants via email of the results. The Social Justice Committee is open to all PSAC local 901 members.

The PSAC local 901 Childcare Application Form

The application form can be downloaded online here: Childcare Bursary Application Form (August 27 2018)

Please contact us with any questions about the bursary or the application process by emailing [email protected]