Bursaries 2021

We are excited to introduce three new bursaries for this year, designed to support our members through these difficult times, and to take forward our movement towards employment equity at Queen’s! These bursaries, as requested by our members at SGM 2019 and approved at AGM 2020, are available now complete with the eligibility requirements and the forms.

The bursaries are as follow (follow the links to find out more on how to apply and avail!):

Gender Affirmation Support Bursary: for members who self-identify as trans, 2 spirit or nonbinary. This bursary will support members in any and all of their expenses that are not covered by OHIP/UHIP (or their personal healthcare plans), includes administrative or other legal costs, includes any employment loss experienced, and hopes to eliminate the employment barriers faced by members who identify as trans/2S/non-binary.

UHIP Rebate for International Members: for international members of Unit 1 who pay into UHIP health program out of their pockets each year. This year, we are stepping in to rebate a portion of your UHIP expenses for 2020-21, acknowledging that UHIP expenses are employment Barries, and that international members must have the same healthcare as domestic members for the same price.

Hardship Bursary: For members (Unit 1 and Unit 2) who self-identify as part of any of the 5 equity-seeking groups: women, LGTBQ2S. people of colour, people with disability, and Indigenous people. This bursary is intended to alleviate any and all immediate financial needs that members might have this year, and to help us identify the forms of hardship that members from equity-seeking groups face in the workplace.

Childcare Bursary: As usual, our childcare bursary is still on for members with children and this is a reminder that the deadline for next application round [Fall 2020] is coming up January 15th!

Any questions? Contact our equity officer Prerna Subramanian at [email protected]!