Research Assistants Ratify First Collective Agreement – $42.73/hr wage parity with Teaching Assistants and join Unit 1

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April 2, 2019


Research Assistants Ratify First Collective Agreement – $42.73/hr wage parity with Teaching Assistants and join Unit 1

Kingston, Ontario – PSAC Local 901 Graduate Student-Employee Research Assistants (RAs) successfully voted to ratify their first collective agreement with Queen’s University which will take effect on May 1st, 2019, and expire on April 30, 2021.

The union represents more than 260 Research Assistants who work at conferences, in laboratories, and on faculty research projects. Negotiations over ten months led to impressive gains: a 4.5% economic increase on all RA contracts effective May 1st, 2019; a new hourly rate of $42.73 (same as TA rate) effective May 1st, 2020.

In addition to these new rates, all university-wide mandated training will be paid in addition to the RA contract (approximately five hours).

“Queen’s University agreed to Intellectual Property rights that ensure our hard-work will be credited on research projects,” said Suhaylah Sequeira, Vice-President of Research Assistants.

“RAs achieved wage parity with Teaching Assistants, and a new RA Form with guidelines of what constitutes RA work” said Marshall Timmermans, a member of the Bargaining Team.

“We are proud of the creative mobilization campaign, and the comic book increased interest in face-to-face conversations with hundreds of supporters sending postcards to the employer and posting photos on twitter. The unwavering support across campus from undergrads, faculty and members made our first contract gains possible,” said Craig Berggold, PSAC Local 901 President.

The PSAC Local 901 RA Bargaining Team members included Craig Berggold (RA Kinesiology), Suhaylah Sequeira (Chemistry), Marshall Timmermans (Chemistry), and PSAC Research Officer Silja Freitag and Negotiator Mathieu Brûlé.

For more information www.psac901 . org  or contact [email protected]

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