Use the PSAC 901 Time Tracker Tool!

Track your hours!

Your TAF contract is for a specified number of hours and tasks. Unfortunately, many hours of work are often just not counted – like that five-minute email or ‘short’ meeting in the busy day. To ensure you do not work unpaid overtime, your union has produced and developed a mobile phone smart app to keep you on track! The PSAC 901 Time Tracker can track how much time you spend on your duties, and how many hours are left in your contract. To avoid unpaid overtime, download our free phone app from Google Play Store or iOS version from the Apple App Store:


You can also track your working hours on your computer with this Excel TimeTracker – download it here:


Make sure to talk to your employment supervisor as soon as you think you might be running out of hours. Be pro-active as you cannot be paid retro-actively for additional hours. Don’t forget you also have nine (9) hours for paid sick time.

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