Annual General Meeting March 27th

The PSAC 901 Annual General Meeting will take place Tuesday March 27th at 6pm in Biosciences Building, Room 1102. There will be free pizza at the meeting.


  1. Quorum Check
    • Information officer notes number of each Composite Unit 1, Unit 2, and Research Assistants
  2. Read PSAC Statement on Harassment
  3. Elect Moderator
  4. Adopt and Approve the Agenda
  5. Approve the Minutes from 2017 Annual General Meeting (see minutes here)
  6. Executive and Stewards’ Council Reports
  7. Unit 1 Bargaining Committee Report
  8. Research Assistants Committee Report
  9. Bylaws Committee Report (see proposed bylaws changes here)
  10. Budget Committee Report
  11. Executive Officer Elections (see platforms here)
    • President
    • Vice President Community Relations
    • Vice President Postdoctoral Scholars
    • Vice President Research Assistants
    • Information Officer
    • Treasurer
    • Co-Chief Stewards
    • Equity Officer
    • Occupational Health and Safety Officer
  12. Announcements

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.

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