Health and Safety

Do you have a safety concern or question? Has speaking to your supervisor about it not worked or you would prefer to speak with a fellow student/TA/TF/PostDoc?

Your union is here to help you. We have health and safety representatives in every faculty on campus. If you need help, contact them.


Engineering and Applied Science

Tikang Li,

Dusan Bucevac,

Health Science

Jordan Babando,,

Business, Religion, Law

Jacob DesRochers,

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Yagya Paudel,


Mr. Sawyer Hogenkamp,


SAFETY TIP: Working safely at a computer

Sitting and working on a desktop computer may seem harmless, but if you are not in the proper position and don’t get up and stretch frequently enough it can be a serious health and safety hazard leading to muscle injury, back and neck pain, and compression of spinal discs among others. Please see the attached infographic on proper posture and other tips. It is essential to have an office chair and other equipment that are adjustable so that you can be in the proper position. If you do not have adequate equipment please request it from your department. If they refuse please contact our health and safety reps and they will be happy to assist you.


Additional resources on ergonomics may be found at (excellent illustrations)


Stay Informed!

Keep an eye out for Health and Safety Updates from PSAC 901 in the 901 Byte, our website, and social media.  In the case of discovered hazards (e.g. bats; lead paint), we will email members directly with information.