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The PSAC local 901 Postdoc Bargaining Team and Queen’s University reached a tentative agreement for the new contract on February 13, 2017!

The Negotiating Team consisting of

Negotiating Team Members Tamara Jamispishvili, Monique GirouxAbigail Agresta and Silja Freitag

PSAC Research Officer Mathieu Brule 

PSAC Negotiator MaryAnne Laurico 

unanimously recommends the acceptance of the tentative agreement.

A simple majority ratification vote out of the total number of votes is required for this new contract to come into effect. We strongly urge Postdocs to participate in this anonymous, democratic process.

The Ratification Kit is available here: PSAC 901 Unit 2 Complete Ratification Kit

To vote, Postdocs must attend one of the four Ratification Vote sessions scheduled for

Monday, ‎March 13:              12:00 Noon (JDUC, McLaughlin Room 241)

Tuesday, March ‎14:              12:00 Noon (JDUC, McLaughlin Room 241)

Tuesday, March ‎14:              5:30PM (Ellis Hall 327)

Wednesday, March 15:         Noon (JDUC, McLaughlin Room 241)

Postdocs must also listen to a short presentation and Question and Answer session with the Bargaining Team and Chief Negotiator to cast a vote.

Directions for the voting session locations:

JDUC (John Deutsch University Centre is located at the corner of Union St and University St

Ellis Hall is located at 58 University St between Richardson Hall and Jeffrey Hall.

Please contact PSAC local 901 at info@psac901.org if you require accessibility accommodations.

If you have any questions, please email vppc@psac901.org.


On behalf of the Postdoc Bargaining Team,

Silja Freitag

Vice-President Postdoctoral Scholars

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