Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 901

The union of Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Research Assistants, and Postdoctoral Scholars at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario

About us


PSAC Local 901 is the union of Graduate Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Research Assistants and Postdoctoral Scholars at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. We are a directly-chartered local of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Our non-profit organization strives to protect, maintain, and advance the interests of the members of the Local. We are committed to promoting equity and social justice within the Local, PSAC, Queen’s University, and the broader Kingston community.

Unit 1: Teaching Assistants & Teaching Fellows

The Unit 1 section of PSAC Local 901 represents graduate students who are employed as Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows at Queen's University. We are currently bargaining for a new collective agreement, which expired in Spring 2017.

Stewards' Council

Stewards are departmental union representatives that act as a link between the broader membership and the Executive Committee. They meet monthly at Stewards' Council meetings to share information and concerns, develop strategies to keep the membership informed about workplace and union issues, and help plan events. Stewards are responsible for informing their co-workers about upcoming union events, including general meetings, elections and education workshops.

Unit 2: Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral Scholars comprise Unit 2 of PSAC Local 901. We negotiated a new collective agreement with Queen's University in 2017.

PSAC 901 Bylaws

PSAC local 901 Bylaws ratified unanimously at the 30 September 2010 Special General Membership Meeting. Amended at General Membership Meetings held on the following dates: 26 April 2011, 13 October 2011, 11 October 2012, 04 April 2013, 27 March 2014, 2 April 2015, 30 March 2016.

Our Bylaws & Objectives

To improve the quality of research at Queen's University by means of active participation in the determination of working conditions for Postdoctoral Scholars in Composite Local 2.

To protect, maintain, and advance the interests of the members of Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 901.

To regulate the relationships between the employer and the employees by means of collective bargaining and joint consultation.


Unit 1: Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows

On this section of the site, you can find information related to PSAC Local 901 Unit 1, which represents Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Teaching Fellows (TFs) from Queen's University.


Unit 2: Postdoctoral Scholars

PSAC 901 Unit 2 is comprised of Postdoctoral Scholars at Queen's University. A new collective agreement was ratified in March 2017.

Welcome new Postdocs: Congratulations to our new Postdocs on their postings and wish them a productive (and fun) time here in Kingston. Please familiarise yourself with the Unit 2 Collective Agreement, outlining your rights and benefits while you are a member. Please contact Silja Freitag, VP-Postdoctoral Scholars PSAC 901 through if you did not receive a USB key with the full Collective Agreement from the employer. I am looking forward to meeting you and hope that you will consider becoming involved with some of our PSAC 901 committees, especially the Postdocs Bargaining Committee.


Research Assistants

On 16 February 2017, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) was certified as the bargaining agent for Queen’s University Research Assistants (RAs) by the Ontario Labour Relations Board after RAs voted overwhelmingly to join our union. Local 901 is excited to welcome Queen’s Graduate RAs. Next, RAs must mobilize so we can get the best possible first contract with improved wages and working conditions.






Research Assistant Elections

  • Place Robert Sutherland Hall 554
  • Time 6pm

Dear Queen’s Graduate Research Assistants, If you currently work as a research assistant and/or hold a research assistantship, or have done so in the past, we urge you to attend the RA Elections on October 19 in Robert Sutherland Hall 554. Positions for Vice-President and Bargaining Committee will be open for representation. These are important in negotiating you first contract. Please email with the subject Research Assistant if you have questions or would like to set up a meeting.




Flying Squad Meeting

  • Place
  • Time

Dear Members, Monday October 16, the OPSEU college faculty union has gone on strike to fight for, among other things, fairness for contract faculty and greater job security. I invite you to join me, next Monday October 23rd at noon in Robert Sutherland room 551 to discuss what this strike means and how we at PSAC 901 can support our fellow academic workers at St. Lawrence College as they fight for a fair contract. A pizza lunch will be provided. As always, if you have ideas for how our union can support labour or community groups in Kingston, feel free to also share them at this meeting or get in touch with Lesley Jamieson at




Special General Meeting

  • Place
  • Time

Join PSAC 901 for the SGM at 6pm on October 25 in Robert Sutherland Hall Room 554. Agenda: 1. Unit1 Bargaining Team Report 2. Mobilization Campaign Report 3. Elections for Unit 1 Bargaining Committee members 4. Budget Report 5. Resolutions for the 2018 PSAC Tri-Annual Convention 6. Elections for a new Co-Chief Steward 7. Announcements Free pizza dinner will be provided.



Executive Members

Craig Berggold


Contact by Email

Lesley Jamieson

Vice President Community Relations

Contact by Email

Marshall Timmermans


Contact by Email

Hannah Johnston

Co-Chief Steward

Contact by Email

Yagya Paudel

Co-Chief Steward (Grievances)

Contact by Email

Alexandru Sonoc

Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Contact by Email

Morgan Oddie

Information Officer

Contact by Email

Dr. Tamara Jamaspishvili

Equity Officer

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Bargaining Success

  • TAs and TFs are now being compensated for the unpaid health and safety training by the Queen’s University Employer, thanks to our collective bargaining.

    Health and Safety Training

  • The first Collective Agreement between Queen’s University and its Postdoctoral Scholars, as represented by their union, Unit 2 of the Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 901 from October 24, 2013 to June 30, 2016.

    Postdoctoral Scholars

Updates and News

  • October 16, 2017
  • By

We’re Hiring!!!

Job Title: Administrative Staff Member – A fixed, short-term, part-time contract Contract Duration: January 8 – May 17,…



Stewards' Council

Stewards are departmental union representatives that act as a link between the broader membership and the executive. They meet monthly at Stewards Council to share information and concerns, develop strategies to keep the membership informed about workplace and union issues, and help plan events. Stewards are responsible for informing their co-workers about upcoming union events, including general meetings, elections and education workshops. Stewards are an integral part of the university community and a central part of the union’s capacity to represent the membership. If you are interested in becoming a Steward for your department, contact the co-Chief Stewards:

Co-Chief Steward, Hannah Johnston:

Co-Chief Steward, Yagya Paudel:

2017-2018 Stewards' Council

Department                                                            Steward(s)

Art History                                                                                 Astrid Hobill

Biology                                                                                                Yihan Wu

Chemical Engineering                                                                     Joe Glasing

Chemistry                                                                                                Zijie Wang

   Civil Engineering                                                                     Hadiseh Bolkharighehi

Education                                                                            Stephen Macgregor

Electrical & Computer Engineering                                    Mohamed Shoeb

English                                                                                              Andrew Law 

Gender Studies                                                                    Christopher Bennett

Geography                                                                                       John Haffner

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering            Natalie Blacklock

Global Development Studies                                        Chiedza Pasipanodya

Department                                                            Steward(s)

 Industrial Relations                                                                      Ben Caswill    

Kinesiology and Health Studies                                     Markus von Hacht

Mathematics and Statistics                                               Danny Rorabaugh

Philosophy                                                                                        Jared Houston

Physics                                                                                        Leila Mazaheri

Political Studies                                                                          Donald Hughes 

Political and Legal Thought (Collaborative)                           Ryan Wilcox

Rehabilitation Science                                                                  Atul Jaiswal

Sociology                                                                                      Karina Rider 

Smith School of Business (Management)                        Dan Samosh

Minutes of Stewards Meetings

Is your department without a steward? Contact to get involved or to recommend a steward from your department. There can be multiple Stewards per department.


Bargaining Updates

Unit 1 Bargaining Updates


On July 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th, your Bargaining Team met with your Employer. Today, we tabled the local’s monetary proposals as unanimously approved by the membership at the March 30th 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Read the full communiqué here.


On Monday, June 6th and Tuesday, June 7th, your PSAC Local 901 Unit 1 Bargaining Team met with your Employer. With PSAC Negotiator Jawara Gairey at the table, we presented several non-monetary proposals and housekeeping items from our expired Collective Agreement.

Read the full communiqué here.

If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to participate in the bargaining process, please email



Unit 2 Bargaining Updates

POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARS VOTE SUFFICIENT TO RATIFY NEW COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT Voting over four sessions from March 13 to March 15, Public Service Alliance of Canada local 901 Postdoctoral Scholars signaled that they were sufficiently satisfied to ratify their tentative new contract with Queen’s University. Read more here.

The PSAC local 901 Postdoc Bargaining Team and Queen's University reached a tentative agreement for the new contract on February 13, 2017!

A simple majority ratification vote out of the total number of votes is required for this new contract to come into effect. We strongly urge Postdocs to participate in this anonymous, democratic process.

More information and Ratification Kit available here.

Dear Postdocs,

Welcome back! The year 2017 promises to be exciting for all of our members. Since June 30, 2016 Postdoctoral Scholars have been without a new contract. The Postdoc Bargaining team and Chief Negotiator MaryAnne Laurico have been at the bargaining table with Queen’s University since early summer. The ongoing bargaining sessions led to Conciliation in late Fall with Labour Board appointed Conciliator Diane Bull. Read more. 



 Minutes of AGMs   Copyright Information
 Archives of general meeting minutes from 2011 till date.  By Mark Swartz, a copyright specialist at Queen's University.
901 Bite  TA/TF/RA & Postdoc Contract Time Tracker Download
 News Bulletin for Queen's TAs, TFs, and PostDocs.  Helps you keep track of your work hours.
 Solidarity  Childcare Bursary
 Archives of letters and documents sent to and received.  PSAC 901 provides child care bursary for its local members.



PSAC 901 2016 Budget

Childcare Bursary & Other Bursaries

Click Here to view the budget for the current and past years. For more information email:

Click Here for more information on the Childcare bursary and other bursaries and awards offered by PSAC Local 901.

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